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How To Plan Your Own Funeral: Getting Started

Chris Merlino

Chris is the owner of Buklad-Merlino Memorial Homes. He is an Expert Contributor for Hamilton Square Neighbors magazine where this was originally published.

“The afternoon knows what the morning never suspected.” -Robert Frost

I’m going to die, and you are too one day.

All people eventually die. It is a painful discussion for most people, but it doesn’t have to be. Death is part of life; it is inevitable. You can’t, and arguably shouldn’t be able to schedule your death. But you can plan for it, whenever it happens, by thinking ahead about how you want to be laid to rest and remembered at your funeral you could be in control of the event and its details.

Funerals are two things:

  1. celebration of your life, and

  2. a way for loved ones to say goodbye.

Only you know your friends and family and what will make the best kind of funeral for you and for them.

Your funeral can be as unique as you and your life. Planning ahead allows you to give yourself and your loved ones the gift of a “right-fit” funeral. Planning a right-fit funeral is possible but becomes more difficult if done in a state of grief by loved ones while mourning. By taking control of the details while you’re alive, your service will be just what you want it to be after you pass.

For example, it would be a stretch to say that funerals can be fun, but who’s to judge really? If you want a fun funeral, that’s what you should have. I’ve been at funerals with endearing heartfelt accounts of the deceased that were loaded with uplifting humorous elements. They made mourners smile and laugh as they remembered their loved one’s liveliest moments. So many of life’s greatest memories involve humor. Your service can be an opportunity to celebrate those moments.

So why not design your right-fit funeral now, while you can? It doesn’t have to be a painful discussion in a somber setting, it can be a planning session with a licensed funeral director for your last greatest event! Give yourself and your loved ones the right celebration of your life. Death is inevitable, so plan what you can.


We understand that making decisions about a funeral can be difficult. Whether planning ahead or at a time of loss, we're here to answer questions, support, and guide you every step of the way. 


Honor your loved ones by helping them honor you and your wishes. Be prepared by making important decisions and arrangements ahead of time. We're here to help you. 

Your loved ones will be grateful, relieved, and free to grieve with grace.

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